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What contribution do you most want to make in the world?
It's easy to get stuck on our journey to impacting the world in the ways we long to.
Even extremely capable people struggle for the clarity, courage and capacity to fully realise who they most want to be in the world.
Days where we fall short, are tough.
Fortunately, the scientific fields of neuroscience & psychology have given us evidence-based, practical tools to build our emotional intelligence & mindfulness skills.  
These powerful skills can be developed to optimise our clarity, courage and capacity so that we can lead the change we most want to see in the world.
Download the toolkit to develop your clarity, courage & capacity.

This toolkit combines the best tools for transformation available today.  

They’re evidence based, tried and tested, and they get results.

What's in the Toolkit?

To develop your clarity:

Clarity for Contribution Workbook
Guided Visualisation Audio

To develop your courage:

Courage for Contribution Workbook
The Power of Yes Talk

To develop your capacity:

Capacity for Contribution Workbook
Guided Mindfulness Practice Audio
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What are people saying?
"The changes I noticed in myself immediately were amazing."

"Loved the science and background info. There is a sense of empowerment and positivity that comes with knowing the tool is there and will work if practised/exercised."

"There is fundamental information that is presented in the course that can help anyone who is open to improving themselves.  The Emotional Intelligence material is important for people so they can understand their emotions and how this affects their life and those around them, and the mindfulness component offers a set of tools for people to help manage their mental wellbeing."
"I would recommend it to others because it has helped me."
"Great teacher, resources and tools."
 "Mindfulness is an important but difficult skill. Knowing the 'why' provides incentive to persist with practicing."
"Very informative, well presented, practical application tools."
"Mindfulness is a new concept for me but I am looking forward to using the skills Rachel presented to improve my life. I believe everyone could benefit from this training."

"Everyone needs to be aware of how to manage their thoughts so their behaviours follow suit."

"The more people that are aware of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness the better we can all work together and assist each other."
Who is Rachel Grace?

Rachel Grace is a corporate Mindfulness speaker, trainer and Emotional Intelligence leadership coach. As a consultant, Rachel works with leaders and their teams worldwide in both the public and private sector; empowering professionals to master the soft skills they need to get hard results.

With 20-years personal meditation practice, an Honours degree in psychology, experience in social science research and a powerful knack for communicating complicated concepts in a fun and engaging way, Rachel is proud to be a part of the worldwide movement cultivating more Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for higher performance in individuals and organisations.